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Vokèra Mynute HE sealed system boiler

Outputs (kW): 15 – 20 – 25 – 30 – 35

The Mynute HE is Vokèra’s flagship range of condensing sealed system boilers. Its blend of innovative technology and traditional interface makes the Mynute HE a popular choice for sealed system applications. The Mynute HE has an extremely high modulation ratio, enabling the boiler to modulate down to maximize fuel efficiency.
All Vokèra boilers have always been manufactured with the same pipe layout, ensuring the upgrade from an old to a new Vokèra boiler is straight forward.

  • Condensing sealed system boiler
  • High modulation ratio
  • Traditional display
  • OpenTherm (OT) technology built in to connect to Vokèra OT Protocol Control
  • Flexible and versatile flueing up to 40m
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picture of Mynute HE