Rate our Service

We are encouraging customers to complete our online rate our service questionnaire that relates specifically to your recent service/repair experience from our team. This online questionnaire helps us to reduce the impact our business has on the environment.

Committed to continual improvement we closely monitor feedback to ensure we deliver a first class service that you can depend upon.

1a Did you experience any difficulty in Contacting Vokèra? Yes No
1b Was our Customer Care representative Polite? Yes No
  Helpful? Yes No
  Efficient? Yes No
Comments if required

2 If referred to one of Vokèra Ltd's approved Network Agents    
Was their representative Polite? Yes No
  Helpful? Yes No
  Efficient? Yes No

3a Was the service call offered for: Same day Following day 3-5 days Other offered
3b Were you satisfied with the repsonse?     Yes No

4a Did the Engineer arrive as expected? Yes No
4b If no, was contact made to explain why? Yes No

5a Was your Vokèra product repaired on the first visit?   Yes No
5b If a further visit was necessary, was the due to parts having to be obtained?   Yes No
5c Was the attending Service Engineer: Of tidy appearance? Yes No
  Polite? Yes No
  Helpful Yes No
  Efficent? Yes No

6a Did you need to make additional calls following the initial contact with Vokèra Customer Care? Yes No
6b If yes, please detail:

7a Have you experienced any further difficulty with your Vokèra product? Yes No
7b If so have we been made aware?? Yes No

8 Were you satisfied by our repair service? Yes No

9a Would you class our repair service as: Excellent Good Average Below Average Poor
9b Would you recommend Vokèra Ltd products to others?     Yes No
9c Are you aware that Vokèra Ltd offers breakdown cover and regular servicing?     Yes No

10a Should you wish to discuss any issues raised in the questionnaire please call us on 01274 866100, and press option 2, to speak with one of our Customer Care Representatives or simply use the space provided below if there are any comments you with to make that you believe may help improve our service to you.
10b Would you like to receive any informartion on any of our other products? Yes No