Open Vent Boilers

An open vent boiler is a boiler that is installed on an open vent central heating system, the term open vent, relates to the heating system being open to atmospheric pressure, as major components to the open vent system includes feed and expansion tanks in the loft space. An open vent boiler heats the radiators and, via a storage cylinder, the domestic hot water.

An open vent boiler is also known as a conventional or regular boiler. If you currently have an open vent boiler in your property, it can be more straightforward to have a direct replacement, unless your property or lifestyle has changed. Open vent boilers are also compatible with solar thermal, therefore if you currently have an open vent boiler, adding a Solar thermal system can be fairly straightforward. Always seek advice from your Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Model Name Description
Mynute VHE Compact and flexible open vent boiler

An open vent boiler is an ideal boiler if:
  •  You want to replace an existing open vent boiler and are happy with the performance your open vent boiler provides
  •  You have more than one bathroom in your property
  •  Your mains water pressure is low