Condexa PRO AI 1000 Box

Condexa_1000_INT_AI_Gallery Condexa_1000_EXT_AI_Gallery

Output (kW): 125

The Condexa Pro AI is a fully modulating condensing boiler that is a pre-built, fully tested plug and play cabinet solution. The standalone unit features built-in hydronic header and multi-zone kit and is suitable for internal or external applications.

  • Single heat exchanger (124.9kW @ 50/30°C)
  • Built-in controls
  • Compact dimensions
  • 4 Star class A efficiency†
  • Built-in hydraulic header, manifold, safety devices and flue collector

† According to EEC 92/42

  • LPG conversion kit included as standard
  • Condenses even in high temperature systems
  • Large heat exchanger surface area – copper & stainless steel
  • Factory tested