Vokèra’s technical support centre is available to offer advice over the phone for RGII registered engineers. Our support line is open Monday to Friday 8.15am to 5pm and Saturday 8am to 12pm.


Q. Can I connect a new boiler to an existing flue system?

We would generally advise against using, what in these cases is usually an old flue (15 or 20+ years). Because of the 80/ 125mm flueing options on most modern HE appliances, fitting a new flue system with the correct runs is recommended and will avoid any potential problems that connecting an old flue system can bring.

Q. What are the main considerations when wiring controls into a boiler?

This will depend on whether you are fitting Vokèra controls or third party products on zoned systems. Although we can advise on either, it is essential that the device is used in a Volt free configuration, or our relay would need to be used, to offer a 240V fitting option.

Q. Can you advise on appliance siting?

We often get calls for advice on this subject, most commonly fitting a Vokèra AquaNova LE water heater in place of an old balanced flue model. These can be different as the bathroom installations have to comply with a zonal system for the siting of the heater that did not exist when the original appliance was fitted. We can also advise installers on the physical dimensions of a new appliance to ensure safe clearances can be met.

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