Unvented Cylinders

An unvented cylinder is used to store domestic water that is heated by a system / regular boiler or by a renewable heat source such as solar thermal or a heat pump. Vokèra unvented cylinders maintain mains water pressure no matter where the unvented cylinder is located throughout the property. Unvented cylinders generally offer high performance hot water flow rates and are particularly suited to properties that have multiple bathrooms.

There are two types of Vokèra unvented cylinders, which are called: single coil unvented cylinders and twin coil unvented cylinders. In most properties with an unvented cylinder, it is likely to be a single coil unvented cylinder. The benefits of a twin coil cylinder, allows the heating system to also be connected to a solar panel. If you are considering having a solar thermal installation at some point and you require a new unvented cylinder, it may make economical sense to invest in a twin coil unvented cylinder. With heat pumps, an unvented cylinder with a larger coil is required to work with the lower temperatures that heat pump operate. Always seek advice from your Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Vokèra offers the following unvented cylinders.

Model Name Description Renewables Compatible Capacities (litres)
AquaFlow Compact and flexible No 120 – 150 – 180 – 200 – 250 – 300
AquaFlow Twin Twin coil cylinder compatible with solar thermal Yes 200 – 250 – 300

This shows a heating system with an unvented cylinder.