Benchmark registered installers get more from Vokèra

Leading boiler manufacturer Vokèra is encouraging Benchmark registered installers to join their recommended installer list, offering them the opportunity to gain customer leads.

Vokèra recognise that particularly because of current difficult market conditions, maximising every opportunity to find new customers is important to installers. Linking up with a leading manufacturer like Vokèra can be the key to finding leads. To join the scheme, Vokera prefer installers to be Benchmark registered, and their necessary qualifications must be up-to-date as well being a loyal Vokera affinity member*.

Eleanor Waldron, marketing director at Vokèra, said: “The recommended installers list is a great way to ensure that we are promoting the best standards in the industry. For those installers who sign up, there is the bonus of being given leads which could turn into work for them, offering them the help they might need during these tough times.”

Vokèra actively supports the HHIC Benchmark scheme, which ensures that the installation and servicing of domestic heating and hot water products are carried out to the highest standards by a fully qualified installer. To find out more about Benchmark or to become a member, visit the Heating and Hot water Industry Council (HHIC) website: www.hhic.org.uk .

For further information on Vokèra’s installer scheme, or how to become a member, email [email protected].

* Other conditions apply.

Vokèra launches air source heat pump

As part of its commitment to workable, renewable energy solutions, heating manufacturer Vokèra has launched Aria, the company’s first air source heat pump.

Available in three outputs – 6.8kW, 8.3kW and 11kW – Aria is suitable for new build and retrofit applications. The Aria air-to-water heat pump converts ambient heat from the atmosphere into useable energy for heating and hot water, helping homeowners to save money on their fuel bills and reduce their carbon footprint. The heat pump can be effective even when the outside temperature falls below zero, and can still produce heat from conditions as low as minus 15oC.

The Vokèra air source heat pump works by extracting the heat from the outside air, raising it via a compressor, and then transferring it to a plate heat exchanger. The exchanger then provides heat for central heating or underfloor heating, and also hot water if a cylinder is added to the system. Although flexible enough to be used for a range of applications, Aria is best suited to properties with an underfloor heating system, as they require lower flow temperatures.

Able to operate on a single-phase electrical supply, Aria has a Coefficient of Performance (CoP) of up to 1:3.9 – so for every 1kW of electrical energy used, a heat output of 3.9kW is produced, making it very efficient in operation. For additional energy savings, Aria can be used in conjunction with a solar thermal water heating system, such as Vokèra’s Zenith package.

Aria has been designed to be sited outside of a property and, without the need for any extensive installation preparations, the pump is flexible enough to be used in both new build and retrofit applications. For installers, the heat pump is straightforward to install as it incorporates many system components as standard.

As with most renewable technologies, homeowners with an air source heat pump may require a traditional boiler to provide supplementary heat to make up any temperature differentials. This ensures stable and continued end user comfort. Aria is compatible with all Vokèra boilers.

For the end user, the heat pump is very simple to use. In addition to being easy to operate, Aria is also low noise at just 58db when in use.

Robert Lockhart, Vokèra’s renewables project manager, said: “We are really excited about the launch of our Aria air source heat pump. As a flexible renewable solution, it can be used for both hot water and space heating – something many other ‘green’ options are unable to offer. And when combined with solar thermal water heating, an air source heat pump is a very environmentally friendly and practical option for homeowners.”

The introduction of Aria is the natural next step for Vokèra’s growing renewables portfolio. The company launched the Zenith solar thermal package in 2007 and since then has undergone an intensive renewable launch programme, including the addition of evacuated tubes and inset solar panels to the Zenith range, the Neutro wood pellet boiler and now the air source heat pump.

Vokèra offers a comprehensive range of heating solutions to suit most domestic applications, offering stylish designs and many optional extras as standard, at an affordable price. For further information call Vokèra on 0844 391 0999 or visit www.vokera.co.uk.