Neil Mattock, marketing director at Vokèra by Riello, considers a recent study that reveals how installing a new boiler will net the biggest profits when it comes to selling a property.

When people are considering making renovations to their home the thought of adding value to the property can be an important factor. However, experts have found that while most improvements will increase the potential asking price, the added value is not always greater than what was spent in the first place. The insurance comparison website, GoCompare, teamed up with property expert Henry Pryor, to identify the upgrades that are really worth the money – and you may find the results surprising.

According to the experts, the most profitable home improvement is installing a new boiler for a cost of less than £2,000, which is estimated to add £8,000 in value, making a profit of £6,000. In contrast, the study found that updating kitchens and bathrooms is unlikely to add more value than the cost involved. For example, at an average cost of £7,000 a new kitchen will add £4,000 in value, while spending £4,250 on a new bathroom will add just £2,000.

Investing in a new boiler is clearly a good investment and homeowners can maximise that investment by choosing a boiler that combines industry-leading efficiency and ease of installation with a highly competitive product warranty. With all these requirements in mind, Vokèra’s evolve range of A-rated combi and system boilers feature a space heating efficiency of 94% under the Energy-related Products (ErP) Directive. The majority of Vokèra’s domestic gas boilers also come pre-configured for load and/or weather compensation via the OpenTherm protocol, so also easily comply with the recent ‘Boiler Plus’ legislation.

On top of this, evolve comes with a 7 years out of the box warranty, which is upgraded to 10 years with a Vokèra BeSMART (Internet connected) thermostat installed and the installation registered via Vokèra Affinity installer loyalty and reward programme. Also, by including BeSMART, the system becomes an A+ heating package under ErP – adding even more value to the installation. As well as giving end-users more control of their heating from anywhere at any time via the dedicated App, BeSMART provides installers with access to a protected technical menu, enabling them to adjust the boiler parameters.

With energy prices always on the rise, improving the green credentials of a house to make it more energy efficient will make it more attractive to potential buyers. So perhaps it is not so surprising that fitting a new high efficiency boiler is rated among the best value home improvements that will deliver the benefits of warmth, comfort and long-term performance to a property’s current and future owners.

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