Not only has Vokèra recently celebrated 25 years in Scotland, but five Directors have also racked up an impressive collective century of experience. Phil Adams (Managing Director), Darren Payne (Operations Director), Alister Maclachlan (Product Director), Terry Asser (Commercial Director) and Phillip Ng (Finance Director) have worked for Vokèra or within the Riello Group for a combined total of 130 years.

“This is an impressive figure and we are proud to have such experienced people sitting in our top management,” comments Phil Adams. “Having this wealth of knowledge at the company is invaluable as it gives peace of mind to our customers. They know that they are talking to experts that really understand the business and the wider industry. It is also a great testament to Vokèra and the way it develops and grows its staff.”

Phil Adams – Managing Director

Phil Adams was immersed in the HVAC industry with Vokèra’s parent company, Riello, for nearly 20 years prior to joining Vokèra in 2015. As a Managing Director for the company, his wealth of knowledge and experience continues to grow and strengthen the Vokèra business and brand within the UK and Ireland.

Terry Asser – Commercial Director

Vokèra’s Commercial Director Terry originally joined Vokèra back in 1986 and now manages all major accounts and is dedicated to developing business growth through strategies for new and existing products. He is responsible for setting up commercial relationships with the company’s suppliers and customers, having held many client facing roles such as Service & Operations Director and Sales Director for the UK & Ireland during his time at Vokèra. Terry has also supported Riello Group in Italy in the past, taking on the role of Spare Parts Commercial Director for Foreign Countries.

Darren Payne – Operations Director

Joining Vokèra in 1983, Darren Payne is one of our longest standing employees. He started as a warehouse junior, soon moving on to the Spare Parts department, before becoming Spare Parts Manager. Darren has also been Service manager amplified by his training as a Service Engineer, supporting the product department and creating user, installation and maintenance guides for brand new products. Having been promoted to IT Director in 2010, he also took on responsibility for Engineering Services & Call Centre then later Spare Parts Admin & Warehouse, before moving to his current position as Operations Director.

Alister Maclachlan – Product Director

Alister’s current role as Product Director lends itself to his 38+ years in the heating industry. He is currently responsible for product management and development, ensuring product conformity, certification and above all, quality. He started as a service engineer in 1991, moving his way up through various technical and engineering roles. Alister has always been passionate about product quality, committing to continual product enhancement and development of the Vokèra portfolio that deliver real benefits to the consumer.

Philip Ng – Finance Director

Having joined Vokèra in 1994, Philip worked his way to his primary role as the company’s Finance Director, as well as taking on job of Company Secretary. His responsibilities include HR, budgeting, strategic tax planning and the review and implementation of all controls of the accounting functions.

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Vokèra is providing installers with an early Christmas present by extending its popular Affinity 10 promotion into the New Year until 31st January 2017. The promotion rewards Vokèra Affinity members who have registered Vision C and Unica i boilers, as well as the new BeSMART Wi-Fi enabled thermostat.

Celebrating 10 of Vokèra Affinity, the promotion has been running since September 1st 2016 and promises to offers a free 10 year warranty for each Unica i or Vision C boiler installed and registered with Vokèra’s BeSMART. Bonus Affinity points will also be awarded to installers, who will be able to receive up to 1071 Affinity points (worth £75), for five they will receive up to 2142 (worth £150) and for ten they get up to 5713 (worth £400).

Free to join and open for Gas Safe Registered installers, Vokèra’s Affinity programme is a no-brainer for those in the industry. The Internet connected BeSMART is designed to be easy to install and benefits homeowners by giving them the control to change and adapt their heating systems at their own convenience, through the handy BeSMART App. Completely intuitive to use and fully compatible with Vokèra boilers, BeSMART can also be used with a vast number of major heating brands, making it accessible to everyone.

Vokèra’s feature-rich Unica i combi boiler range is intended to be very installer-friendly and suitable for a range of end uses. Its rear flue option, advanced fixing jig for accuracy and side-mounted heat exchanger make it an obvious choice. Weighing just 29kg, the Vision C is easy to lift and fit into small spaces, such as the customer’s kitchen cupboard. The Vision C also offers a pre-heat function and a flow rate of up to 12 I/min for quick delivery of domestic hot water and the convenience of a built in filling loop.

To find out more about the promotion visit www.vokeraaffinity.co.uk. For news and updates, visit www.vokera.co.uk or follow Vokèra on: Facebook  | Twitter  | LinkedIn  



As leading manufacturers in the heating industry, Vokèra has a lot of history. This year, we celebrate our 25th anniversary in Scotland, where our office was set up all those years ago. The company has had a direct presence in Glasgow since 1991, but has knowingly outgrown its existing premises, which is why we made the decision to move to a new state-of-the-art building.

“Scotland is such an important market for us, which is why our office was set up there 25 years ago,” comments Alister Maclachlan, Product Director. “We were in our previous premises since the beginning but as business and market requirements change, it no longer met our needs. We decided to re-locate to new bespoke premises in Hillington, which provides fantastic connections via road, rail and air. We have specifically designed our new offices to meet our requirements, providing a fresh, modern feel, reflecting the innovative and forward-thinking approach Vokèra is known for.”


Offering a great environment for staff and visitors, Vokèra has created new training facilities with bespoke test rigs, providing support for installers, specifiers, and sales people. This will help the aforementioned to understand the exciting benefits and features of our product ranges and control packages. All of Vokèra’s technical training courses will be available at the new centre, which you can find out more about by emailing training@vokera.co.uk.

Managing Director at Vokèra, Phil Adams, adds, “We are delighted to be investing in new premises in Scotland, which is the home of our product and technical departments, as well as providing facilities for our engineers and sales force, supporting the local market. The team has been doing fantastic work and as our business continues to grow, Vokèra looks forward to another 25 years of success in Scotland.”

Renowned for its comprehensive range of energy efficient appliances such as the Unica i, Vokèra is one of the UK’s leading boiler brands. Supported by a reputation in excellent customer service, support and training, Vokèra has built up a full package since it was established over 30 years ago. Our product portfolio also includes a full range of ancillaries and control devices to optimise ease of installation and efficiency further. Vokèra also supplies the market with a commercial boiler range, unvented cylinders, gas fired water heaters, solar thermal collectors and air source heat pumps. Established over 30 years ago, Vokèra has bases across the UK and Ireland to support each installation and every installer.



Vokèra is delighted to announce it has revitalised its branding and will be rolling out the new style over the coming months. The new logo and brand message ensures a consistent message is portrayed across Vokèra’s product portfolio and underlines its relationship to parent company, Riello.

“Vokèra is a leading boiler manufacturer within the UK and Ireland but few people are aware that we are also part of the larger Riello Group,” comments Neil Mattock, Marketing Director at Vokèra. “Riello is a renowned global brand in the HVAC sector. Combining the heritage of Vokèra and Riello creates a stronger presence and reinforces the Vokèra commitment to product quality and reliability”.

Riello Group umbrellas Beretta, Thermital, Fontecal, Sylber, as well as Vokèra’s brand. With a total of eight representative offices and 14 international companies under its belt, Riello have a customer base covering 60+ countries. Having owned Vokèra for over 15 years, it has benefitted from the company’s lead market position and extensive resources.

Every brand must evolve to reflect their products, investments and people; which is exactly what Vokera by Riello represents.  It is a natural evolution for Vokèra, as the company develop alongside their innovative market. The new branding is currently being rolled out and customers can expect to see the new logo on products and packaging very soon.

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Up until now, five-year-old Molly’s family have been living in a house that has simply does not meet her needs. Molly, who has learning disabilities, needed a home that could allow her and her family to carry out everyday activities such as washing, staying warm and moving about. Vokèra was more than happy to get involved in a complete refurbishment headed by Ecotechnicians Co-operative, working fast to install a new Unica i32 combi boiler and BeSMART thermostat control system.


Molly’s mum, Tina Roberts, was determined to fully adapt their home to give Molly the best possible chance at independence, which meant that the property required quite a substantial amount of conversion. The existing boiler was removed before volunteer tradesmen checked and re-routed the gas supply to ensure the new boiler and fixings worked effectively. A vertical flue was installed to guarantee proper functionality and allow condensation to flow out from the roof of the house.


“We were very pleased to get involved in this charity installation,” comments David Iszchak, Technical Trainer at Vokèra, who was involved in the installation. “As well as the boiler, we have installed the BeSMART Wi-Fi enabled connected thermostat, which means Molly’s family are now able to control the boiler remotely from each zone of the house, heating up the rooms she’s in when needed. Having put the boiler in the loft, we also managed to free up extra floor space for the bathroom conversion, giving Molly more room to move around.”


Ecotechnicians installer members offered a helping hand in sourcing donations from a number of manufacturers who were willing to update the heating and hot water supplies and Surrey Heath Borough Council also provided a disabilities funding grant in aid of the installation. The team of six volunteers managed to finish the heating installation in one day, giving the operation team a chance to move in early and continue with necessary building work and components. Soon, Molly and her family will be able to move back into their beautifully adapted home with ease.


The Vokèra Affinity loyalty and reward programme is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Launched in 2006, Vokèra Affinity has been specifically designed for professional installers to make their working lives easier and enable them to offer their homeowner customers the very best service.


Vokèra is delighted to launch the new BeSMART Wi-Fi enabled thermostat, an easy to install, internet connected device, specifically designed for heating control. This smart thermostat allows homeowners to change and adapt their heating systems at their convenience through the BeSMART App. Easy to set up and install, the new control package is intuitive to use and is compatible with the Vokèra technology as well as systems from the vast majority of major heating brands.