New Unica i, boasts impressive energy saving credentials

Unica i Image

Vokera launches combi range ‘Unica i’ with impressive green credentials

Vokera has launched the Unica i range of combi boilers.  The range has impressive green credentials for energy-conscious homeowners, and has been designed with ease of installation in mind.

Packed with features to maximise energy savings, the Unica i28, Unica i32 and Unica i36 have a modulation ratio of 10:1.  This exceptionally high, class-leading modulation ratio improves energy efficiency by reducing the frequency of on/off cycling, while also minimising unnecessary wear and tear on boiler components and ensuring a stable DHW flow temperature. Furthermore, by having an extremely low minimum output e.g. i28 has a minimum output of 2.8kW, it becomes an extremely attractive solution for new-build properties, where the requirements for space-heating are much lower.

To further improve Unica i’s green credentials, the range incorporates intelligent energy saving software such as weather compensation and OpenTherm.  This built-in functionality – when combined with a suitable Vokera control – enables further significant fuel efficiency saving up to £67 a year, whilst optimising end-user comfort.  The Vokera OpenTherm control offers exceptional ease for the installer, with a simple plug and play connection, eliminating the need for a Part P qualified electrician to install.

In addition to its energy saving features, the Unica i has many other selling points for homeowners.  A large DHW heat exchanger ensures the fast delivery of hot water, while the inclusion of a DHW flow meter (instead of a flow switch) allows for greater temperature stability to maximise end user comfort.  The Unica i range also boasts an LCD backlit display to improve the boiler’s user interface panel, plus an outstanding five-year warranty for added peace of mind.

The new Unica i range of boilers is very installer-friendly too.  Installation is made simple and straightforward with a rear flue option on all outputs and a newly designed fixing jig that can be removed once the pipework has been fabricated.  This improves manoeuvrability once the boiler is placed on the wall, and is especially beneficial if wall surfaces are uneven.

The superior Riello heat exchanger is also front-facing, making maintenance much simpler.

Eleanor Fox, marketing director at Vokera, said: “With energy prices on the up, homeowners are looking at ways to reduce the amount of gas and electricity they use in the home.  One way they can do this is to make sure that their heating and hot water system is as efficient as it can be.  With this in mind, we have developed the Unica i range to fulfil the need for domestic combi boilers that feature lots of different ways to reduce energy usage, without compromising on performance.”

Having a NOx emission rating of below 40mg means that the Unica i surpass’ Nox Class 5 and enables maximum credit under the ‘Code for Sustainable Homes’.  The Unica i features Vokera’s unique Autostop function as standard; this is of significant  benefit for social housing and private landlords, Autostop will, once activated, notify a tenant that action is required a month before their annual gas safety check is due.

For further information click here for the Unica i web page and literature